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Managed Governance is a small consulting firm with expertise in Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Governance.  


Enterprise means business, in the broadest sense.  And enterprise architecture and governance refer to the ways in which we organize our business, and distribute leadership across the business.  


Consultants are often specialized in unique fields or programs; Managed Governance specializes in projects, large and small, that span vertical and break down silos within organizations.  Our experience is in inter-departmental communications, shared vocabulary and taxonomy, shared decision-making, and coordinated requirements and change management.  Many of our projects are technology projects, although we are not specifically technologists.  IT projects often reach across organizational boundaries, and so we are often involved in IT projects.  The truth is that coordination through shared information and shared decision-making is difficult, and outside consultants can be helpful both as experts in how to implement needed changes, as well as outsiders who can assess and make recommendations without perceptions of alignment or favoritism.  


Services Offered


  • Strategic Assessment

  • Strategic Planning

  • Tailored Methodologies

  • Implementation Support

  • Dysfunctional Team Interventions

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Enterprise Architecture Definition and Transition 

  • Governance Implementation and Support


Please contact Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz for more information.

Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz

Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz is the principal consultant at Managed Governance LLC. 

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