"Governance" in the context of shared services is about shared leadership; it's about shared decision-making. And sharing is hard to do. If decisions are power, then shared decisions necessarily mean shared power, which gets very complex in situations of consolidation...


Informed means that we must have all the information needed to make a good decision, and that information has to be accurate.  It must include dissenting views, if applicable, and it must be validated as complete and accurate in whatever ways are possible.  The more im...


The term Governance is broadly-used in a variety of contexts; what they all have in common is leadership or governing, which explicitly involves informed decision-making.  However, there are many common elements of governance programs: 


  • Performance or quality...


Leading or governing is accomplished through constant decision-making, and almost always, shared decision-making.  Decisions that have broad impact across distributed organizations are frequenly "subject to governance", meaning that they are sufficiently complex and im...

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Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz

Barbara Nadalini Priesnitz is the principal consultant at Managed Governance LLC. 

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